Rules and regulations

"Golden Scissors"


§ 1.

1. "Golden Scissors" contest further known as "Contest", is organised by Dresó Sp. z o.o. Limited partnership with a headquarter in Głuchołazy 48-340, 7 Poprzeczna Street, entered into the Register of Enterpreneurs kept by the District Court for Nysa, Commercial Department under no. KRS 0000667895, NIP 7532443121, REGON 366758420, further knowa as "Organizer".


2. The contest is announced and organised on DIYmarket platform on



3. Rules and Regulations are available on


4. The Organisor states the Contest is not a lottery, tombola, parimutuel, promotional lottery, a game in which the result depends on the incident nor any other game mentioned in the bill from 19th November 2009 about gambling (Dz. U. z 2009 r. Nr 9, poz. 1540 ze zm.).


5. The following Rules and Regulations (further known as "Rules") are bonding for the organiser, the participants, it states rules and the participants conditions in the contest, organiser and participants' rights and obligations.


§ 2.

Contest rules

  1. The purpose of the contest is to choose the sewist of the year 2017.


  2. The contest is conducted by the organiser on a dedicated platform DIYmarket on from 1st December 2017 to 28th February 2018.


  3. The participants can create the sewing portfolio from 1st December 2017.


  4. The voting lasts from 2nd January to 28th February 2018.


  5. Every day, each logged in individual can cast a vote for any person.


  6. 10 individuals will be admitted to the finals: 3 individuals with the highest number of votes and 7 chosen by the jury which will be designated by the organiser. The winner of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as the 7 distinctions will be chosen out of these 10 individuals.


  7. The top 10 individuals will be given until two weeks after the voting process is finished. The winners list will be announced until the end of March 2018.


  8. The date and the place of the award ceremony will be given up to 14 days since the announcing the winner list.


  9. Participation in the contest is voluntary and free of charge.


  10. The participants in the contest must be natural persons who have legal capacity.


  11. Organiser's employees, members of executive board as well as family members (i.e. parents, children, grandparents, grandsons/granddaughters) as well as brothers and sisters.


  12. Participation in the contest is equivalent with the acceptance of Rules and Regulations entirely. The participant agrees to the rules of this Rules and Regulations as well as confirms that he/she meets the conditions which allows him/her to participate in this contest.


  13. Participation in the contest as well as rights and obligations connected with the contest, including prize claim can not be delegated to other persons.


  14. People who live abroad can take part in the contest but they must follow the Rules and Regulations of this contest.


§ 3.



  1. The organiser provides the following prizes:

    - the main prize – the award money 10.000 PLN, the Golden Scissors 2017 statuette, the Sewist of the Year 2017 title.

    - the prize for the 2nd place - the Janome sewing machine of the value of 4 000 PLN.

    - the prize for the 3rd place - the award money of the value of 2 500 PLN.

    - 7 distinctions - 250 PLN coupons to use in Dresó online shop.

    - a special reward - the sewing course from ultraMaszyna, for the person out of final 10.


  2. The sponsor of the contest is: Dresó Spółka z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa, Prym, ETI Radość Szycia Janome, AlphaTechnology Sp. z o.o.


  3. The organiser will pay the tax for the prizes.


  4. The winner list will be published on platform.


  5. The prizes will be issued only on in the form stated in the following Rules and Regulations. The exchange of the non-cash rewards into money equivalent is not possible.


    § 4.

    Privacy policy



  1. Given personal data by the participants is voluntary but essential to participate in the contest. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 by the organiser only with the purposes connected with the organization and conducting the contest as well as with the marketing purposes.


  2. The administrator of personal data is the organiser.


  3. The participants are entitled to access their personal data and update them.